THREE PRINCES ROCK (or Taiwanese opera Nalakuvara 電音三太子) 

Three Princes Rock was rooted in the traditional Taiwanese cultural art form of “Daisen puppets”, which represented the image of gods and was displayed during the parade of gods. Recently with the incorporation of electronic music and hip hop elements into this art form, it has become a popular culture in the Taiwanese society, and was featured in the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, 2009 summer Deaflympics in Taipei, and 2010 Expo in Shanghai.



Fremont Taiwan School was established in 2004 by a group of dedicated parents whose goal was to create a friendly environment for children to learn about Taiwan. FTS fosters interest and love for Taiwan’s culture in the students by teaching them the languages of Taiwan, Taiwanese, Mandarin, and Hakka, as well as different aspects of the culture, such as dance, and music. FTS also builds the children’s self confidence and their sense of self identities. The Fremont Taiwan School welcomes anyone who wants to expand their knowledge about Taiwan. 



Ho is a rapper and producer in the Bay Area. In middle school while at a friend’s house, his friend was playing the song “Lose yourself” by Eminem off of a movie soundtrack. Growing up playing the violin and piano, this was the first time he had ever heard someone “rap” and from then on tried his hand at writing songs. In high school, he wrote and recorded songs for his youth group at church. While attending UC Davis in 2008, he met a couple of friends who also rapped and they performed at the Asian Pacific Culture Night for two years and throughout different community shows in the Sacramento Area. After graduating Davis with a major in Sociology, Eric continued to make music and performed throughout different open mics and shows in San Jose while working part-time jobs. In 2016, he opened a record label in San Jose called Self-Determination Records and recorded a 5 track EP entitled “Project B.C.” with his classmate and friend Derek Nguyen while trying to learn Vietnamese at De Anza Community College. The logo for the label was drawn by his father who used to be an airbrush artist in Taipei for different companies. From songs like “Life brings surprises”, “All I have is a dream”, and “Speechless” Eric’s music is about having faith in tough times, having the last say on your circumstances, and believing in yourself. He currently resides in Oakland, CA.