EDS provides the highest quality experience in personalized dance instruction. We offer the ultimate dance experience blending fun, ease, and comfort with quality dance instruction. Just like our slogan “Enjoy Dance, Enjoy Life”, it’s not just about learning to dance, it’s about feeling healthier and happier, enjoying a better life while expressing yourself and being part of an incredible community.



TAUKAPPELLA ,originally named “TAU A cappella”, was formed in 2006 by a group of UCLA students who enjoyed Mandarin pop music. The name “Taukappella” is inspired from the word “tau ka pai ki” (頭殼壞去) in Taiwanese, which means insanity in a satirical way. We combined this word with “a cappella” to express our lunatic passion for singing as well as our attitude in life — to live life to the fullest. Although our group members come from various countries and academic background, all past and present members bond through their love for music and performing.


FREMONT TAIWAN SCHOOL was established in 2004 by a group of dedicated parents whose goal was to create a friendly environment for children to learn about Taiwan. FTS fosters interest and love for Taiwan’s culture in the students by teaching them the languages of Taiwan, Taiwanese, Mandarin, and Hakka, as well as different aspects of the culture, such as dance, and music. FTS also builds the children’s self confidence and their sense of self identities. The Fremont Taiwan School welcomes anyone who wants to expand their knowledge about Taiwan. You can see these performances here.


SKY BAND (亞洲天團)

SKY BAND (亞洲天團) consists of five Taiwanese young professionals who are passionate about music and its ability to bring people together. Lead by the winner of ZGZG singing competition Tsung-Hao Ku, Sky Band covers a veriety of music, with the emphasis on songs that allude to the memories of home. 抱歉各位朋友,亞洲天團終於姍姍來遲了!一群熱愛音樂的正港台灣囝仔 — 由灣區載歌在谷歌手賽冠軍顧宗浩以及他的快樂夥伴所組成的亞洲天團,將帶來充滿台灣元素的旋律。2018春暖花開的舊金山,邀情你在邊吃著台灣經典美食的同時,一起來跟我們歌唱懷鄉的樂章。


PRISKA is a Taiwanese-American singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA who, despite her small stature, will draw you in with her big voice and intimate lyrics. Though she spent most of her adolescent years being bullied in school, she was able to find solace and comfort in music and found that her strength lay in her ability to express herself through song. Priska has performed and competed in various international showcases and singing competitions. Judges and fans have been drawn in by her powerful vocals and soulful delivery. A lifelong lover of feeling out songs with her heart, Priska will take you on an emotional journey that involves heartache, loss, and learning to carve your own path. 


ROSENDALE is a rising singer and songwriter from San Francisco, CA. Now based in New York City, he balances a life of writing, recording, and performing music. He ventured into vocal work for multiple EDM genres in 2015; his successful progressive house and future bass collaborations are now featured on large indie labels such as Revealed, Sensual Musique, and Taz Network. His voice, songs, and artistry have helped him garner almost 60,000 subscribers and thousands of views on his YouTube channel (@RosendaleSings).

Rosendale released his debut EP (the “Fairytale EP”) in May of 2017, which earned him his first million of combined streams on Spotify. The lead single, “Fairytale,” explores topics of identity and self-discovery and features his unique vocal style combined with catchy house production. He continues to chase his goal of inspiring others to forge their own paths and to be whoever they want to be.


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