What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of Taiwan? Many would say FOOD without a doubt!

Every year, TACF teams up with a variety of food vendors around the area to present you with authentic Taiwanese cuisines that would remind you of the taste of home and bring back all the good memories. 


Taiwan Bento

Taiwan Bento was born out of owner Stacy Tang’s desire to popularize foods of her native Taiwan in her new home in the US. The diverse, vibrant, and eclectic nature of Uptown Oakland proved to be the perfect locale. Featuring a menu of bentos, noodles, and snacks, Taiwan Bento’s mission is to deliver quality food, a clean environment, and friendly service.


Braised pork rice (lu rou fan)

Oolong tea egg


Matcha green tea shaved snow with boba pearls

Mochi muffins


creative sips

We bring fresh boba milk tea, craft coffee and all natural smoothies to where you hang out. All our drinks are freshly brewed on site and sweetened with our house made brown sugar syrup. Our organic coffee is locally roasted in Oakland. Our teas are premium loose leaf. No Powders. No Syrups. Simply the best ingredients for your taste buds, body and soul.


Classic Milk Tea

Truly Thai

Matcha Heaven

Mint Coffee Brew

Cream Coffee Brew

TAP logo (box+tap).png


Members from TAPSF will be bringing in homemade Taiwanese cuisines and snacks that will satisfy your food cravings.

TAPSF stands for Taiwanese American Professionals, San Francisco chapter. It's a nonprofit organization that promotes Taiwanese American identity and build a community of young Taiwanese Americans in the Bay Area. 


Sticky rice dumpling

Cold noodles

Pineapple cakes